Facial Treatments

The purpose of professional skin care is to help you achieve healthy, clear skin. Each spa facial treatment includes a steam, deep cleanse, and extractions. We are also pleased to offer tailored facials for acne and rosacea prone skin.

Carmen’s Signature Facial $98
Includes steam, extractions, face mask, stimulating massage, and finishes with the application of a protective cream. 70 mins.
Teen Facial $90
Includes steam, deep clean, and extractions. Great for acne-prone skin. 60 mins.
Rosacea (Couperose) Facial Treatment $125
Rosacea, the most common manifestation of vaso-reactive skin, is characterized by three main symptoms: visible capillaries, redness, and the eruption of small pimples. 70 mins.
Acne Facial Treatment $98
Acne can be triggered by overactive oil glands, excessive dead cells, bacteria caused by perspiration, and hormonal influences. Breakouts can occur when hair follicles are trapped beneath the skin, creating a blockage in the skin. 60 mins.
Glycolic Acid Peel $55
Glycolic acid is applied, working as a natural skin exfoliant. 30 mins.
add Paraffin Treatment $20
Moisturizing treatment using cream and warm paraffin wax.

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